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The first episode (soundtrack based on the sci fi story « S.O.S. From Three Worlds ») is uploaded on Axis website. The Universe by Night is a radio series that explores the World of Pulp Science Fiction. Each monthly show soundtrack will be exclusively created by Jeff along with special guest artists.

Episode 1: S.O.S, From Three Worlds

Written by Murray Leinster in 1957


“Virtually the only connecting links between the innumerable colonized planets were the Med Ships – lone starships carrying only one man and one beast.  These trained teams of super medical engineers took their lives in their hands on every planetfall. And for the team of Calhoun and Murgatroyd, three calls for help meant three challenges beyond all the experiences of all their systems.  Plague, mystery, and menace marked the missions – and the human enemies they faced on each world were just as virulent as the microscopic ones. 


Murray Leinster, dean of science-fiction writers, is at his thought-provoking best in this exciting space adventure.

Published by Ace Books, Inc. in 1959.”



Title: Every Dog Has Its Day vol 7
Label: Axis Records
Release date: May 14
Format: Digital

Created in 2000, Jeff Mills launched a project that explored electronic music in a bespoken and almost “folk music” type of manner. Music was created purely from life experiences. Until 2004, Volumes 1 – 4 were released but the project paused until earlier this year with Volume 5. A new volume will be released every 30 days until the final slated Volume 15 is reached. All tracks produced by Millsart (Jeff Mills) for Axis Records.

Every Dog Has Its Day Vol 7 is out on digital on May 14 
along with the Vinyl release of Volume 6!


18 Ways To Tie A Knot
Precious Hall
No Shame In The Game
Jardin des Tuileries
Paris Metro One
Ancient Aliens Theorists Say Yes
The Paradigm Question
Tear Drop Nebula
Axis ID